CTS Copper Flange Roll Grooved 150/125

Submittal / Data Sheet
CTS Copper Flange Roll Grooved 150/125 Spec Data Sheet


Service Temperature: -66F to +272F

Size Code Working Pressure
(at atmospheric)
Material Thickness
2″ WRG1002 450 PSI Plate Steel .63
2-1/2″ WRG1025 450 PSI Plate Steel .63
3″ WRG1003 450 PSI Plate Steel .63
4″ WRG1004 450 PSI Plate Steel .709
5″ WRG1005 450 PSI Plate Steel .748
6″ WRG1006 450 PSI Plate Steel .866

Drilling to Match ANSI B 16.5


  • Flanges shall be drilled to ANSI B16.5 150/125 Standard, powder coated, with a EPDM insulator adhered to the plate steel flange protruding inside of the steel flange to prevent contact with the Copper Companion Flange Adapter.
  • Sizes 2” thru 6” Service<./li>
  • Temperature -66F to +272F.
  • Working Pressure (at atmospheric) 450PSI.
  • For Gasket Seal all loose dirt, scale and grease must be removed to ensure a leak-tight seal and the tube surface needs to be free of any marks or indentations.
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