CTS Flange Adapter Installation

The CTS Flange Adapter saves time and money on the construction site. Being very easy and quick to install the fitting provides 100% protection against electrolysis and in addition to saving labour costs also saves on consumables - gas, flux, etc. CTS Flanges can be installed by brazing/soldering or by using the Press Fit method.

CTS flange installationPlace CTS FLANGE over tube
CTS_flange_installation2Braze/Solder the CTS FLANGE adaptor
CTS flange installationor use the simple, quick Press Fit method
CTS flange installationInstall a suitable isolating gasket between adapter and equipment. Rotate CTS FLANGE to align bolt holes and tighten.
Note: The steel flange should be 15" from the heat source to eliminate any chance of
burning the rubber electrolysis insulator.
CTS_flange_installation2Example of a typical finished Flange installation
CTS flange installationTorque Tightening Sequence

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